How to Find Motivation to Train After Work

Fitting exercise into a full-time work schedule poses a significant challenge. One option is to wake up nice and early and get your workout done before you begin your day. Another option is to fit a quick session into your lunch break.

If none of those methods work, another thing you can do is to train after work. Some people love working out in the evening; it’s when their energy is highest, and there’s a slew of contenders in the studio, making for a motivational atmosphere. Others, however, are ready to plop on the couch and relax, making it incredibly hard to get motivated after a tiring workday.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to build up motivation. In essence, it’s all about planning and preparing ahead of time to make less room for excuses.

Here are four tips to get motivated to train after a long workday.

1. Plan Your Workouts for the Week

Planning your workouts and knowing exactly what you're going to do minimizes decision time or room for excuses. Take some time over the weekend to create a workout program for the week ahead. If you have a training program to follow, your more likely to stick to it. It also ensures your hitting all of your marks, rather than just going in and winging it.

Be sure to create a program that is realistic to your lifestyle. Include which days will be training days and which will be rest days? What days can you dedicate more time to and which days may need to be a shorter workouts? The more you plan, the more likely you’ll be to stick with it.

Another great option is to attend group classes. Training in a group session can be a lot of fun. It offers a motivational atmosphere filled with friendly competition. In fact, psychologists suggest that group fitness classes motivate contenders to work harder during their session, not wanting to fall behind the others. So, you’re getting a double dose of motivation: once to get to the studio and another to push hard during your session.

Gloveworx offers a variety of sessions to fit any of your needs. Whether you want longer sessions or a short, 30-minute quickie, we’ve got you covered. We also offer large group, small group, or one-on-one sessions. We’ll allow you to leave the planning to us.

2. Change into Workout Clothes Before

Did you know that workout clothes can actually give you a boost of motivation? It’s true. Putting on your fitness gear can improve your motivation and help you live up to your self-imposed expectation of getting that workout in. So, try changing into your workout clothes before leaving work, that way you're in the zone and ready before you head to the studio.

Don’t be afraid to jazz up your fitness clothes. Just because you’re going to sweat in them, doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it. Putting effort into the way you look, even for a workout, is another great motivator.

3. Go Straight to the Studio

One of the worst things you can do for you motivation is to go home between work and exercise. Home is a place of comfort and relaxation. That’s a good thing, but not so much when you're trying to motivate yourself to train. Avoid that urge to plop on the couch and turn on the tv by avoiding home altogether.

Certainly, this calls for a bit of planning. You’ll need to get organized and pack your fitness bag the night before work. Some things you’ll want to pack include:

  • Workout clothes
  • Workout shoes
  • Pre-workout snack
  • Post-workout snack
  • Water bottle
  • Any gear you might need for your workout
  • If you’re planning on showering at the gym: change of clothes, change of socks, towel, toiletries

Bring everything you need to work, head straight to the studio, and look forward to couch surfing later.

4. Have a Pre & Post Workout Meal Ready

Don’t let hunger get in the way of your workout. If you’re not prepared with the right food, chances are you’ll be tempted to go home and eat instead of working out. Additionally, you want ot fuel your body with enough energy to bring your best to the ring.

Bring a pre-workout snack that you can eat an hour or two before leaving work. That way you’re well-nourished and energized and ready for a great session.

Here are some easy pre-workout snack ideas:

  • Dates stuffed with almond butter
  • Fruit & nuts
  • Greek yogurt
  • Whole grain crackers and hummus
  • Protein shake

Post workout is just as important. Because it’s late in the evening, it’s likely that dinner will be you post-workout meal. The problem is that your workout may not afford you the time you need to get home and get dinner cooked and on the table for your family in time.

Not to fret! A great trick is to prep dinner ahead of time. Try to set aside some time on the weekend to cook a few meals that you can eat for dinner throughout the week. If you prefer freshly cooked meals, other great time-saving options include slow cookers, instant pots, and one-pan dishes. There are tons of super easy dinner recipes that you can find online that are designed for busy parents. Find a few favorites and cycle through those recipes. Just be sure to include protein, whole-grain carbs, healthy fats, and vegetables as a part of your dinner to nourish your depleted energy.

There are so many great things you can do to get yourself motivated and hit the studio after work. We have lots of options to help you stay on your game, like coaches, sessions, and an amazing atmosphere. Visit Gloveworx today and get your after-work training sessions started.