Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Many people have a misconception that they have to be in shape before they can start working out in a gym. They fear not knowing how to use equipment, not being able to keep pace in a class or looking out of place.

Gym intimidation is a huge barrier for many people, and it often holds them back for years before they finally muster the courage to give it a go.

Committing to work on your health is a big step, and it’s certainly not easy. We’re all afraid of the unknown, and walking into the studio for the first time, you don’t know what to expect. Fortunately, you don’t have to let that fear hold you back from becoming the healthier and happier person you deserve to be.

Here are some practical tips to overcoming gym intimidation and getting started on those goals once and for all.

1. Take a Tour

Knowing what to expect before your time in the gym will help to boost your confidence and calm your nerves. Before your first day, check in with staff and ask for a tour. Don’t be afraid to communicate your fears. A good team will want to do everything they can to help make your gym experience fun and comfortable. As you’re going through the gym, be sure to ask any questions you have that will help make your first day easier.

When you're in the studio, never be afraid to ask for help. If there’s something you want to try but don’t know where to start, ask a coach for assistance; being open and asking for help can go a long way.

2. Work with a Coach

Working with a coach is a great tool for overcoming gym intimidation. A coach will support you through a personalized, one-on-one approach. If you’re a beginner and aren’t sure what to expect, a coach is there to be by your side and help you navigate your journey toward reaching your goals.

When you have a coach present, there’s no guessing. A coach will walk you through exactly what you need to do and how to perform each exercise. Aside from helping you feel comfortable in the studio, a coach provides numerous benefits like accountability, confidence, personalization and helping you perfect your form and technique.

3. Try a Scheduled Training Session

Sure, walking into a room full of strangers can be a bit intimidating. However, in a group training session, most people are focused on themselves. The great thing about group sessions is that everyone is doing the same thing, so there’s no guessing. A structured and motivational atmosphere led by a professional can be such a great confidence-booster.

Group sessions are like little families; everyone is there for the same reasons, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get comfortable. The great thing about Gloveworx is that we offer a variety of session types to suit your needs. If big groups intimidate you, join one of our small group sessions. If you want the buzz and motivation of a large group, we have that too.

4. Start Small

People often have a misconception that they can’t join a gym or attend a group training session until they are in shape. Here’s a little tough love: you can’t get in shape if you don’t start somewhere! There is no weight or shape requirement before you sign up to be a Contender. That is because a great studio is meant for everybody, at all levels.

You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable to be able to excel and reach your goals. Start small and be willing to start where you are. That might mean you have to take frequent breaks. You might start by going three days a week and working your way up.

Everyone has to start somewhere. So, wherever you are, know that it is the perfect place for you.

5. Build a Tribe

Having a tribe, or a support system, is crucial when you are navigating healthy lifestyle changes. Not only can it help you to reach your goals, but it also helps to dim down that performance anxiety.

Your tribe should be diverse. It should include professionals, like coaches and mentors, family members, friends, fellow Contenders and even online support communities. Intimidation sets in when you feel alone. When you surround yourself with supportive and uplifting people, you get the confidence you need to push through.

6. Block Out the Haters

Most of the time, we fear what other people will think of us. “What if I look foolish?” “What if I’m using the machine wrong and everyone looks at me?” “What if everyone sees how out of shape I am?”

Well, what if? Are people’s thoughts going to have a lasting impact on your life or your goals? Not if you don’t let them.

The majority of the time our fears are much worse than reality. Most people in the gym are focused on themselves and are not paying nearly as much attention to you as you think. But, there are haters out there.

The best advice is to block out the naysayers and focus on YOU. You are here to work on your health, your happiness and your betterment. You are worth the effort that you are putting into yourself, and you should be incredibly proud of the courage and bravery it took for you to get started. Now, continue working on you and forget anyone else who doesn’t support your mission.

7. Embrace Uncomfortable

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: nothing good comes from your comfort zone. As much as we all wish it worked the other way around, it doesn’t. We need to get uncomfortable to grow.

The good news is that the more you embrace getting uncomfortable, the easier it becomes to sit with that feeling. Just like you build muscles from lifting a lot of weights, you also grow your ability to excel in uncomfortable situations the more you practice. Embrace the uncomfortable and know that through that place you will grow.

We are incredibly proud of the supportive tribe we have at Gloveworx. We strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance and family. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned Contender, we are here to support and aid you on your journey to health and wellness, because we believe in what you can achieve. Are you ready to #getinthering?