3 Boxing Myths and Truths

Boxing is no longer just a sport you see on TV; it’s become a very popular form of exercise that’s found its way into many studios and gyms. It has incredible benefits for both the body and the mind. Not only is boxing a great cardiovascular workout, but it also helps to improve your coordination, strength, and even your brain!

Even with all of its glory, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the sport of boxing. People tend to shy away from boxing, thinking of it as overly intense or aggressive. It’s also thought to be strictly a “man’s” sport.

These myths couldn’t be farther from the truth. Let’s delve behind the scenes of boxing to dispel some of the common myths and reveal the truth.

Myth #1: Boxing is Aggressive

Boxing is a combat sport, which means that it is a competitive contact sport that involves one-on-one combat, or fighting. Not surprisingly, that scares people away. People imagine bloody noses and black and blue eyes and think, “no way!”

There’s a misconception that boxing is all and only about fighting. It must be for people who are aggressive, intense, and tougher than tough, right?

As surprising as it may sound, boxing has very little to do with fighting. First, boxing is a vastly customizable sport. You may box for years while making the choice to only hit bags and mitts. While yes, professional boxing does see its fair share of bruises, it can also be recreational. At Gloveworx, we have experience working with all sorts of people, from professional boxers to our contenders looking to get in better shape.

Whether your boxing as a professional or for the fun of fitness, there’s so much beyond the fight that may not be as apparent from the outside. Rather than random punches and an aggressive nature, boxing trains your mental focus, coordination, decision-making, and technique. These are important skills that will carry on to other aspects of your life, such as feeling more focused at work or being able to make quicker, more confident decisions in life.

Myth #2: Boxing Isn’t a Full-Body Workout

At first glance, it may seem that the upper body gets all the attention in boxing, and that’s often a reason for people to skip out. In reality, you’re missing out on an incredible full-body workout.

Boxing Works All of the Major Muscle Groups

Boxing certainly gives the arms a good workout, but that’s not all. Boxing works all of the major muscle groups.

Let’s start with the most obvious; the arms and shoulders. We know that boxing is great for both, but it actually has an advantage over using weights. With weight training, you tend to isolate certain muscles. When your training your arms in boxing through sparring or using punching bags, all of your muscles are working together in more practical movements. And let’s not forget, the chest and back both help to control arm movements, so you are working those muscles as well.

Now to the less obvious. In boxing, you work from the ground up. Think about it: you need a strong base to be able to move around the ring, to duck and dodge opponents, and to lean in and throw powerful punches. That all starts in the legs. So yes, boxing is a great lower body workout.

What comes in between the upper body and the lower body is just as important in boxing. That’s right: the core. If your boxing with the proper form and technique, you are relying on the strength of your core to keep you steady, balanced, and coordinated. Boxing engages all muscle groups in natural movements that can help you both in and out of the ring.

It Builds Muscular Strength, Power, and Endurance

The thing about boxing is that you're not just building strength, but your building power and endurance as well. What’s the difference? Muscle strength is just as it sounds; how strong you are or how heavy you can lift. Muscular power, on the other hand, is all about force and speed, or how hard and fast you can punch. And what about endurance? Muscular endurance is the amount of time you can exert force, or how long you can throw quick punches at a steady speed without rest.

It might not seem like too significant of a difference, but interestingly, researchers have found that muscular power was a better predictor of performance on everyday tasks, such as walking or climbing the stairs. Boxing isn’t just going to help you get in better shape in the ring, but out of it as well.

It’s a Great Cardio Workout

There a reason boxing is turning up in so many fitness studios and classes. Boxing is an incredible cardio workout that will improve your stamina and cardiovascular health. You might think of punches as a strength exercise, but try giving it a go and you’ll realize you're out of breath in no time. Remember, boxing isn’t just focused on strength but on speed and repetition as well.

Don’t forget all of the “behind-the-scenes” training that goes into boxing. It’s not just all punches and kicks. During your training and cross training, you might start building a sweat using the jump rope, the versaclimber, and bodyweight exercises like squats and burpees.

Boxing will have you burning a ton of calories and will get you into the best shape of your life. Take it from us: it’s a heck of a lot more fun than 60 minutes on the treadmill!

Myth #3: Boxing Is for Men

Unfortunately, women still tend to shy away from boxing, believing it to be a “man's” sport. They think blood, sweat, and bruises. Well, there’s no way of getting around the sweat, that comes with the territory. However, there’s no need for blood or bruises.

Boxing does not have to be competitive. At Gloveworx, your greatest competition is yourself. Our training sessions are designed for all who come to our studio. For men, women, the old and the young. Our goal isn’t to get you in the ring, it’s to get you to the healthiest and happiest you can be.

Boxing can help to improve your strength, endurance, coordination, balance, mood, and confidence. Now we’d say that’s a sport for everyone!

As you can see by now, boxing is not what you may have thought. It’s not all about the fight, you don’t have to be a competitive boxer to be a Gloveworx contender, and it’s a full body workout that improves your strength, speed, and endurance. Come see for yourself the amazing benefits boxing has to offer by joining one of our sweaty (but super fun) training sessions at Gloveworx today!