Long before Gloveworx was established as a premier state-of-the-art boxing studio and athletic performance facility, founder Leyon Azubuike had one vision: to create a culture where both athletes and coaches from diverse backgrounds could enjoy training together. Pushed forward by his years of competing at a very high level in multiple sports, Leyon knew there would be no giving up—he wanted to see his vision become a reality.

As a natural leader, Leyon was voted Temple University’s football captain by his teammates for two consecutive years. After a devastating knee injury ended his football career, he shifted his focus to competitive boxing and soon began to move up the ranks. His first venture out west was to refine his technique at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas—and in time he was selected to become a US Nationals Heavyweight competitor. Soon enough, Leyon had developed a reputation as a top-notch athlete and a motivating, encouraging presence in the gym. Aspiring local boxers sought out his training expertise, which led Leyon to realize that he had found his calling.

 Leyon moved to Los Angeles and founded the Azubuike Boxing Academy, a training program that initially operated out of the basement of Iron Gym in Santa Monica. Over the course of several years, ABA moved from location to location, with Leyon’s resources including little more than a few punching bags and his own determination and skill as a trainer. All the while, he searched for a space that would give his passion the proper room to grow.

It was during this time that Leyon met Nick Henry, a local entrepreneur who showed up to one of Leyon’s training sessions. Nick noticed both Leyon’s unique expertise as a coach and his magnetic personality, and soon the two became close friends. Nick’s business savvy organically combined with Leyon’s knowledge of the craft. Together, the two friends envisioned a dynamic professional studio filled with top-of-the-line equipment and a full-size ring—so the idea for Gloveworx was born.

NickandLeyon (1).jpg

From that singular vision, Leyon and Nick sought out a world-class team to help them build the Gloveworx brand and get the business on its feet. They partnered with international advertising firm M&C Saatchi in 2014 to shape the look and feel of the brand and get the word out. After years of training athletes out of basements, garages, and parking lots, Leyon saw his dream come true in May 2015, when the Gloveworx facility officially opened its doors to the public.

Gloveworx now operates with an expert lineup of coaches ranging from Olympic medalists to boxing champions, all of whom create a high-energy, empowering environment that embodies Leyon’s approach to training. Under his leadership, Gloveworx is a place where both novices and professionals can come to connect, train, and grow.

Leyon has always been more than an athlete. Through his journey, he has come to symbolize the raw strength and ambition that inspires success.