How to Slip and Roll Advanced

Learning how to slip and roll in boxing with foot movement is huge in boxing. It can be used offensively to apply pressure while coming forward, but it can also be used defensively to get away from an opponent and avoid taking punches. There are many different styles to this tactic that can be taught, so read on for the basics of this technique.

How to Slip and Roll While Moving Forward

Slipping and rolling while moving forward is the most elementary use of the slip, slip, roll tactic. It’s a technique that places all the pressure on your opponent and allows you to more easily control the fight. Although basic, it is not the easiest skill to learn.

When incorporating movement to bring pressure, remember that your feet will follow your head. As you step forward and slip, your head will move either to the right or left, followed by your feet. Keep your knees bent and your hips in the hinged position during the forward movement to ensure that you have a stable base to make your slips and rolls quicker and more effective.

As you do these footwork exercises, don’t concern yourself with the exact sequence of the move—just let your body do what feels natural.

How to Slip and Roll While Moving Backward

Since the slipping and rolling techniques can be used defensively as well, you can use it to move back and away from your opponent. You can combine the slip, slip, roll with a shuffle and a pivot to completely avoid being hit.

Rolling on the defensive side involves moving both up and down (changing your level) and left to right (changing your tilt). You will hinge at the hips as you duck under blows, but it’s important to remember that as you duck, you must keep moving backward. You can also side step with these rolls to vary your trajectory. Side stepping and hinging in the same direction will cause you to tilt lower.

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Learning to execute these tactics while moving allows you to shift around the ring all day and ensures your opponent tires themselves out trying to catch up to you. Want to learn more about movement during a fight? Come see a Gloveworx coach today and get in the ring!