Explaining Your Goals to Naysayers | Offsetting Criticism

We often talk about the importance of goal-setting, how to set the perfect goal by using the SMART goal method, and how to create a plan to reach those goals. Undoubtedly, this is all extremely valuable information. However, there is one hugely important piece of the puzzle that we tend to miss out on when talking about goals, and that is the importance of support.

Having a supportive team by your side can make a world of difference in striving towards your dreams. Supportive people give you the boost, motivation, and confidence you need when you’re second-guessing your path.

Unfortunately, the people that should be our biggest support are sometimes our worst critics. It’s common, almost inevitable, to encounter naysayers along the way, especially among family and friends. And the bigger your goals, the more naysayers you’re likely to run into.

It’s vital that we understand how to navigate the negative people in our lives, in order to stay on the path towards reaching our goals. Let’s learn how.

The Importance of Support

We all know the importance of setting goals, maintaining motivation, and working hard with determination and dedication to reach our dreams. Yet, another imperative and often overlooked aspect of success is social support.

Tribe is one of the core elements of the Gloveworx mantra. Having a tribe of people that have your back will make all the difference in your journey. A tribe, or support system, lends several benefits to you and your mission, including:

  • Accountability. Having people in on your goals creates accountability. They are expecting to see certain behaviors from you and you will feel more inclined to stay the course.

  • Motivation. One of the most difficult parts of reaching your goals is staying motivated. With all of the distractions in life, it’s easy to fall off track or make excuses. A support system can be just what you need to keep you going, even when you don’t feel like it.

  • Emotional Support. The journey gets tough, and sometimes you just need an outlet. A support system can be that emotional outlet to simply letting out your feelings when things get hard.

Seven Tips to Handle Naysayers & Offset Criticism

Unfortunately, as paramount as support is, it can be extremely difficult to come by. In fact, not only is it difficult to find people to support your cause, but you often run into naysayers and critics, who make your journey that much harder.

Here are seven simple tips to handle naysayers and offset the criticism that you may receive.

1. Give Them Time

The most important thing you can do when encountering negativity is to give the people around you time. Don’t automatically assume malicious intent on their part. It may just be that they don’t get it. That’s fine; they are on a different path. They may have different values, ideas, and lifestyles. The goals they want for themselves may differ drastically from yours and that’s OK.

Normally, those who are close to you only want what’s best. If they view your goals as threatening or as something that could end up hurting you, they may resist. That resistance, though often coming out of a place of love, may feel a little harsh.

Give them the benefit of the doubt, especially in the beginning. While their belief in you can impact your success, it’s not a make-or-break asset. The sole responsibility of reaching your goals is on YOU. You need to believe in your success in order to make it happen. Whether or not other people share that belief will not determine the end result.

So, give the naysayers in your life some time to come to terms with your new lifestyle. Keep striving for your goals, keep them in the loop as much as possible, and be patient with them. They may turn around one day. And who knows, you might even inspire them in the process.

2. Have a Heart to Heart

Communication is key to having others understand you. We often go through life thinking that people have the same beliefs or feelings we do, or that they can somehow see inside of us and know what we want. In truth, no one knows what’s going on inside of you if you don’t tell them.

Your people may not realize how much their support actually means to you. They may not understand why you need them on your side. Take some time to sit down with the people in your life and explain to them what you’re doing, why you're doing it, and what role you would like them to play. Don’t be afraid to get a little emotional and tell them how much they and their support means to you.

Sometimes, something as simple as a little conversation can get people on the same page.

3. Don’t Expect to Please Everyone

When you're setting off on your journey, especially one that doesn’t quite fit the social norm, you have to understand from the beginning that not everyone will be on your side. People have their own opinions, and when you're living a life that they don’t understand, they may not like it. And that’s just life.

Always keep in mind that you are on this journey for YOU, and not for anyone else. You are the only one who has to live your life, so don’t live it for other people. Of course, it’s important to think about how your decisions affect other people but you certainly shouldn’t give up on dreams that you truly believe in just to please others.

There will always be haters. Just focus on yourself and let the haters do what they do.

5. Know When to Guard Your Goals

In this day and age of social media, our entire lives are out there for the public to see. Let’s be honest, most people aren’t well-wishers. A lot of people out there want to see your downfall.

While it’s important to share parts of your life with those close to you, it’s also important to know when to guard certain aspects of your life. If you feel you're going to run into a lot of negativity, keep your goals, and even your successes, to yourself. Choose to share with people who you know want to best for you, and as for others, maintain your privacy.

7. Look for Support Elsewhere

While the best type of support comes from those closest to you, such as family and friends, it’s often hard to get these people on your side. When your goals likely differ significantly from their own, they may also find your lifestyle or your ideas hard to understand.

The good news is that there are many other places to find support. Your tribe can be made up of many people including your spouse, coaches or mentors, fellow Gloveworx contenders, and so on. Look for support in other areas and you are sure to find it.

Like we said, tribe is one of the core elements of what we promote here at Gloveworx. We understand how imperative it is and we’re proud to offer a supportive team to all of our members. Get away from the naysayers and find your support system at Gloveworx.