Finding Your Groove for a Healthy Lifestyle Routine

Sometimes, the simplest way to improve your boxing and live a healthier lifestyle lies in the same methods you’ve used to learn just about any other technique or skill in the past. From something as easy as brushing your teeth to something as complex as driving, every skill has the same base: creating a routine.

If you want to discover how creating a healthy lifestyle routine can help you learn how to become a good boxer and live a healthier life, read on for tips and advice from Gloveworx.

Creating an Exercise Routine

Finding ways to develop repetitive behaviors throughout your day is key to seamlessly integrating your regimen into your everyday life. This integration is ultimately why most high performance athletes spend their day engaged in repetitive activities to achieve simple goals. They’ve created a healthy lifestyle routine to function as efficiently as possible from the moment they wake up.

To take their dedication and apply it to your life, there are several steps you have to take:

Identify how much time you have.
Select exercises you can handle.
Push yourself towards success.

Identify How Much Time You Have

Once you have examined your day and found somewhere you can add in a little exercise, give yourself more time than you think you need. Often, creating an exercise routine seems easy, but actually performing it takes more time than you think.

Give yourself about 10-15 minutes of leeway, just in case you need more time to finish an exercise or an extra few minutes to rest. If you have a 45 minute block, plan an exercise routine for 30 minutes. Only have 30 minutes open in your day? Exercise for 20 minutes.

If you’re thinking that just a few minutes of exercise a day is too short a time to learn how to be a good boxer, you’ll be happy to know that there are workouts you can do in 10 minutes that will push you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Select Appropriate Exercises

Simplicity is the rule when creating a healthy lifestyle exercise routine for your time block. You need easy, repeatable exercises that you can do quickly and efficiently, but still work out a part of your body that you want to improve.

Select a region you’d like to strengthen and then do some research to determine the best exercises for it. Whether you ask your Gloveworx coaches or look up videos online, come up with four movements that you can do at home without accessories or additional equipment. Try these movements under the supervision of your favorite coach and time them. Once you know how long it takes you to work through your exercises, you can build a custom routine.

Turn Up the Volume

There are two variables that help you determine how hard to workout: repetitions and sets. Repetitions are how many times you perform the specific movement itself, while sets are how many series of repetitions you complete. Repetitions are a great way to test your endurance, but if you want to add volume, increasing your sets is the way to go.

The table below illustrates how increasing your reps and increasing your sets actually works:


Exercise Reps Sets Total Volume
Goblet Squat 10 1 10 reps (10×1)
Goblet Squat 20 1 20 reps (20×1)
Goblet Squat 10 3 30 reps (10×3)


Instead of completing just one set of reps at high volume, complete multiple sets of reps at a medium volume. Developing a healthy lifestyle exercise routine this way gives you a brief rest between each set and builds up your strength at a pace you can manage.

A Successful and Healthy Lifestyle Routine

The key to building a successful routine is making sure you’re completing your exercises correctly and practicing on a regular basis. Before you know it, a few weeks will go by and you’ll be looking to increase the difficulty of your daily routine.

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