Finding your center

Finding Your Center During Explosive Boxing Workouts

There’s no better feeling than coming into Gloveworx and throwing some punches to relieve your day to day stress. Whether you’re coming in after a long, stressful day or to get ready to conquer your day, there’s nothing better than letting loose on the mitts with an explosive boxing workout.

From our perspective, we love seeing all of you leave our studio with smiling faces after pushing yourselves through some boxing exercise routines, but sometimes there are a few aches and pains after punching so often.

Boxing puts a lot of stress on your joints, but never fear, we have you covered. Come explore some options to minimize injuries and pain at Gloveworx!

Frequent Boxers

We have a ton of contenders who love punching so much that they come three, four, and sometimes five times a week for our boxing fitness sessions. Just like a high-performance car needs maintenance to keep running at 100%, so does your body! In order to keep hitting those mitts as often as you want, you have to also think about recovery.

Improving Your Quality of Life

We offer boxing sessions as our primary modality for fitness, but the overall goal of our boxing exercise routines is to improve your quality of life. Although punching is a huge part of our philosophy, there is more to the equation.

Punching hard is just as important, and punching pain-free is a must. You can achieve better balance in your life, punch harder, and condition your body in the same hour when you come in for our BLITZ sessions. These sessions offer fun, functional strength and conditioning based explosive boxing workouts that allow you to get a sweat going, relieve some stress, and work on tuning your body in preparation for your next BOOM session.

BLITZ Sessions | Explosive Boxing Workouts

In a BLITZ session, you will focus on a wide range of movement skills, such as stability, mobility, agility, and explosive power. While in a BOOM session, you have the opportunity to work on these components and apply them to your mitt work, in a BLITZ session, you have a full hour to focus on building a better foundation to help you hit harder.

BLITZ sessions are full of explosive boxing workouts, specific to developing your skills in the ring. Due to the focus we put on foundational function and strength during a session, you will see improvements in both boxing and everyday movement.

BLITZ & BOOM at Gloveworx

Come build your foundation of movement and strength for both boxing and everyday life. Mix BLITZ sessions with your regular training at Gloveworx, so that you can stay pain and injury free, and improve your quality of life.

See you in the ring… and in BLITZ sessions!