Building Healthy Habits: How to Attain a Healthy & Successful Life

Healthy habit building may be one of the most under-emphasized and overlooked techniques in building sustainable health. Many coaches consider building healthy habits as the quickest and easiest way to create a sustainable change in your life, so at Gloveworx, we encourage healthy habit building.

Read on to learn more about how to develop healthy habits for a successful life.

Movie Motivation

Many times, we tend to zoom out and focus only on the big, defining moments without realizing how much work comes before them. We see the glorious championship fight in the movies that the boxer has been training his whole life for, and yet only a fraction of the film is actually spent showing the boxer train. The epic training montage lasts up to five minutes in the movie, summarizing months upon months of actual training.

These movies are meant to motivate and inspire us, and they’re often very successful. Unfortunately, movie motivation only lasts long enough to get you started, and to continue on to reach your goal is nothing more than a rudimentary sense of discipline and an effective, simple plan to create change through action.

Success in any field does not come from doing one great thing or making one big move after move—it is about taking very small steps that compound over time.

Building Healthy Habits

It takes an average of 21 consecutive days to build a habit. These are just 21 days out of a whole year where change may be difficult and where you might be forced to leave your comfort zone in favor of working harder. Those 21 days are less than 6% out of a single year that helps you to build a sustainable and healthy habit. Those 21 days can benefit the rest of your life.

You don’t need an unreasonable amount of discipline to be healthy—eating one donut will not make you unhealthy, just like how eating one salad will not make you healthy either. Creating successful habits often require inaction; a simple “no” at a bakery is the first step to avoid walking in at all.

Be realistic when building your healthy habits, as “more” is often nothing but an oversimplified metric. Set a specific numeric goal and give yourself a deadline to achieve it. Once all the pieces are set in place, it’s easy to let go and follow the trend you have created for yourself.


You must believe that change is possible, and you must be strong enough to get the ball rolling. Focus on creating an effective and specific plan to guarantee a change in your life. Engage both your logical mind and your emotional and creative space to make everything work together. Stay driven and motivated, all the while moving closer towards achieving your specific goals.