How to Fit in a Training Session on Your Lunch Break

Not everyone is a morning workout kind of person. Then again, not everyone has the energy to muster up a workout after a long day at work. If you fall into both of these categories, you might feel it impossible to get in your daily dose of movement during the work week. But here at Gloveworx, we have a #noexcuses policy!

Your health is important, so don’t put it on the backburner because of your responsibilities. Here is how you can fit a great workout into your lunch break.

1. Talk It Over with Your Boss

First things first, you want to be completely transparent with your boss. Whether you want to regularly get in a lunch-break workout, or just utilize it on those busy days when you can’t fit your training in at any other time, communicate with your supervisor. Let them know how important it is to you, and how you think it can help you rejuvenate and be your best worker.

If you have a flexible schedule, you may be able to negotiate a longer lunch break if you hop into work a little earlier or leave a bit later. In the least, make it clear as to why you skip lunch with your coworkers. It’s not that you’re antisocial, but your health is important to you. I think we can all resonate with that.

Whatever the case, be open and make it apparent that work will always come first.

2. Go for Quality Over Quantity

You don’t have to spend 60 plus minutes in the studio just to get in a good workout. In fact, shorter, more intense workouts can burn even more fat while helping to retain muscle mass (#win).

Instead of a long dragged out training session on the “dreadmill,” try out HIIT, or high-intensity interval training. The great thing about HIIT is that any exercise can be turned into intervals.

Do you prefer motivational group classes led by a professional? We get it, accountability is important. Gloveworx offers a variety of sessions, but the Lightning training session is a powerful 35 minute session, focusing mostly on mit-work. It’s the perfect session for a lunch-break quickie that you leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized.

3. Consider Your Location

You’ll want to tailor your exercise regimen to your work location. If you work near a fitness studio, great. You will be much more motivated to work out when you have that accountability and atmosphere, plus they offer you a shower space! That’s why Gloveworx is so excited for our New York location at the Oculus. This is a convenient and accessible location that can fit right into your lunch break.

If you’re not lucky enough to work next to a fitness studio, consider what else you can utilize. Are you in a private office? Great, you can get in a quick workout right then and there! Do you work near scenic outdoors? Consider some sprints, a short run, or even a 20-minute power walk outside.

3. Bring the Right Training Kit

You best believe that a lunch-break workout is going to require a lot of pre-planning and organization. Pack your training kit the night before. It should include your workout clothes, sneakers, undergarments, socks and any toiletries and products you’ll need to freshen up and look halfway human after your workout.

And please, for the sake of your coworkers, don’t forget the deodorant!

4. Pack Your Lunch

It’s wise for you to pack your lunch. Not only is it healthier and cost effective, but it will save you the extra time of waiting in line or running to the nearest restaurant for food. Plus, you want to be fueling your workouts with the proper food before and after. Pack a well-balanced meal that will give you the nutrients you need to thrive during your exercise while continuing with that energy to finish out your work day strong.

5. Workout First, Eat After

I know I know, come lunchtime we’re all hungry enough to eat a cow. But remember, you’re on a time-crunch. Eating your lunch just before your workout will make you feel lethargic and probably give you cramps.

If you need to hold yourself over, bring a light snack that you can eat an hour or two before your workout. That way, you’re temporarily sated and you can look forward to your deliciously healthy lunch when you're done.

6. Get Your Coworkers Involved

Having a workout buddy helps to improve accountability, so why not bring that to work? Get your coworkers involved in your lunch-break workouts. The health and wellness industry is booming, so I’m sure you’ll find a least one coworker who is on board.

Plan your training sessions together. Whether you decide to hit the studio, get outside for a jog or exercise in the office, having someone by your side can improve your chances of sticking to it. Plus, sharing that experience with someone else makes it that much more enjoyable. And who knows, you may inspire others in your job to start moving more as well!

7. Just Move

While it’s important to challenge ourselves and make health a priority, we’ve also got to be realistic. Life does happen and there will be times when it’s just not possible to get in that workout. That’s OK; we can adapt.

Here’s a simple solution to those days where exercise seems impossible: just move! There are plenty of ways you can add more movement to your day, even if it doesn’t quite fit into the category of exercise. Here’s how:

  • Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  • Park far away from the entrance to work and walk.
  • Walk or bike to work if you are able.
  • Take a short break every 30-40 minutes to move, whether that means doing a few jumping jacks and squats, or walking to the break room and back.
  • Move any way you can during your lunch break, even if it’s just a 5-minute walk.

We want to make exercise as accessible to you as possible. Whether you want to get in a quick Lightning session during your work break or join us any other time of day for the variety of sessions we offer, there is something at Gloveworx to fit your lifestyle.