The Importance of Coaching and Mentoring

Great coaching and mentoring require so much more than merely barking random orders at a trainee.  Your coach is fully invested in you and your journey and sometimes knows you better than you know yourself. The right coach and mentor can help you realize what you are capable of and they can help you unlock the potential you never even knew you had.

What Do Coaching And Mentoring Entail?

While the terms coaching and mentoring are used interchangeably, there is a slight difference and both have their merits.

A mentor will invest more attention into your long-term, personal development. They may help you focus on transforming your lifestyle and mentality to become more effective.

Coaching is a lot more specific and outcome-based. A boxing coach, for example, is there to train you in very specific boxing techniques with the objective of improving your performance or preparing you for competition.

The Gloveworx approach is a blend of art and science. While we are primarily boxing coaches, our objective goes beyond getting you to perfect that jab. We care deeply about personal development-both mentally and physically-and boxing is our way to achieve both.

How Having a Coach Improves Performance In And Out Of the Ring

The benefits of individual mentoring and coaching have proven results, both in life and in boxing.

  • Having a Coach to Report To Can Make You More Accountable - You are more likely to perform at your best (and less likely to cheat) when there is someone monitoring you, deeply invested in your progress.

  • They Can Offer You The External Motivation You May Need - It is hard to stay self-motivated. It is a huge part of a coach’s job to push and encourage you when your motivation may be slacking.

  • They Can Offer You An Objective Account Of Your Progress - Your coach is usually trained and experienced enough to know how to provide the right balance of empathy and sympathy when you need it. They can also push you past your perceived barriers. Sometimes we may be a bit lazy and negative and other times we may be too harsh on ourselves. Self-regulation and constructive self-criticism are some of the most difficult skills to master. That is why it helps to have some external guidance with that from a professional.

  • Offers You An Experienced Confidant To Open Up To About How You May Be Struggling - The great thing about having a coach is that you can ask as many questions as you like about boxing and your progress.

  • Having an Expert in Certain Matters Can Accelerate Process - Coaching has many advantages over raining on your own. An expert coach will help you improve your technique by focusing on your needs. Their help will speed up the learning process and help prevent injuries that come with poor form and amateur training techniques.

Your coach can offer you advice on how to deal with the mental side of your boxing journey, as well as the physical. You will find that your coach will become your ally as they see you at your best and worst, and they are on your side all the way.

What Should You Look For In A Coach?

Firstly, you need to know your goals and preferred training style. Do you thrive in group settings or one-on-one with a coach? Once you know what you prefer and respond best to, it becomes easier to find the right coach for you.

Do Your Homework

Most prospective coaches will have their own website or profile on a professional coaching or gym site, like our Coaches page at Gloveworx. These will typically have information about their ethos and training styles. Take your time to read through these as well as their coaching history. This will help you to figure out which coach may be the best fit for you. Do not be afraid to contact and even schedule a session with them if you feel like you need more information. Most prospective coaches will be more than happy to oblige.

How Coaching Can Benefit A Coach

Since the focus of coaching and mentoring is often on the one being mentored and coached, we don’t tend to think about how the coach can benefit from coaching. Some may argue that coaching benefits the coach as well. As a coach, the act of coaching can:

  • Force you to walk the talk. If you want your students to listen to you and take you seriously, you have to set the example for everything you preach.

  • Make you more mature. Your students depend on you for guidance and answers. Having that much responsibility for another’s progress can make you grow up quickly.

  • Be incredibly rewarding. Coaching and mentoring can give you a sense of pride and purpose as you contribute to helping others to reach their potential.

  • Force you to improve constantly. There are always advances in the science of every field, boxing is no exception. There are new and improved fitness training techniques and gadgets; the rules have changed over the years. A good coach never stops learning about their field of expertise.

  • Improve your professional relationship skills. A good coach needs compassion, attentiveness, leadership skills, effective communication, patience, and adaptability.

As Richard Henry Dann once said, “He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”

At some point in our boxing journey, we all need a professional to guide us on a practical and personal level. Working with a Gloveworx coach to help you along your journey may be one of the best investments you make in yourself.