The Mindset of Unstoppable

You are not born unstoppable—it is a skill that’s developed and a habit that’s acquired. Being unstoppable is a lifelong pursuit. Everyone has the potential to be indomitable, but you have to work hard to achieve it.

A Narrow Focus

The most important element to becoming unstoppable is to eliminate all distractions. Get into a tunnel vision frame of mind. You’re in an athletic mindset and focused on a singular purpose to pursue your goal. Your tunnel has to be so narrow that the only thing you’re focused on is the task at hand, whether it’s shadowboxing, bag work, or sparring.

Narrowing your vision in this way can be difficult when you’re constantly surrounded by the thoughts and actions of others who are working to derail your efforts of progress. Rise above all thoughts, feelings, and distractions to achieve your goal.

Free Yourself

Free yourself from the fear of being judged and criticized by those around you. Focusing on yourself should bar all thoughts of embarrassment and shyness.

Shadowboxing allows you to practice the technical fundamentals of boxing with absolute focus. It’s a simple act, yet it can be incredibly scary and intimidating. You feel naked fighting against no one, and you experience a unique sense of vulnerability that is very uncomfortable. Accept this vulnerability, free yourself from judgement, and become comfortable with discomfort.

Invest in Yourself

Your body of work is what you are investing in each and every time you push outside of your comfort zone. When you are practicing pushing through barriers and breaking through plateaus, and every cell in your body is screaming, “Stop!” that is your opportunity. You have an opportunity to get acclimated to discomfort and use it to make you stronger.

In embracing this state and teaching yourself to thrive in those moments outside of your comfort zone, you are truly preparing yourself to deal with the adversity that bombards you every day. Sometimes it’s through work and relationships, other times it’s through disagreements and problems with your own pursuit of happiness.

THRIVE on this struggle, don’t just survive it. Don’t go through the motions, holding on desperately until the end during these critical moments. Turn discomfort into strength.

A Common Scenario

You’re shadowboxing or working the mitts and there is a tough combination you’re having a hard time cracking. You’re tired, your brain is in fight-or-flight, you’re thirsty, and you just can’t make yourself move quite right.

You step back, take a deep breath, visualize the combo, and step back up to the exercise. This time, everything feels different. Time slows down, you feel every muscle in your body, you throw your punches without thinking, and each one hits home.

What just happened?

You tapped into your body of work—you became comfortable being uncomfortable and you found your flow. The first time it happens, it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. This quality, this flow state and athletic mindset, can be trained and rehearsed.

Now when adversity comes at you, in whatever form, you’re familiar with how it’s going to feel. You know how far that discomfort is capable of pushing you because you’ve been there; this is not the first time that you’ve had to persevere and break through.

When you can prepare yourself for these moments, fight through the struggle, and find your flow, you become unstoppable.