Monday Motivation to Help You Become Unstoppable

Mondays have a bad reputation. For most, it’s the day that marks the return to work after an all too short weekend. It’s the day that tends to trail after a nice relaxing Sunday. It’s the day that is the focus of all too many memes and follows its fair share of epithets muttered around the water cooler.

The most important thing about Monday is that you can shape it however you want. Monday is just another day of the week. Not only is it just another day, but it’s also a brand new day. It’s the start of a new week and new opportunities. Monday is the perfect day to start fresh and Become Unstoppable. Don’t believe me? Here is a dose of Monday motivation to start your week with the Gloveworx attitude.

Monday is the Perfect Day to Correct Last Week’s Mistakes

How was your week last week? Did you smash all your goals and accomplish everything you had hoped for? If not, don’t sweat it. It’s hard to admit to one’s failures and shortcomings, but be bold and brave: Monday is the perfect day to hit the reset button and start over.

Start the morning by writing down your three Most Important Tasks (MITs) that you’d like to get done this week. Then, write down when you’ll do them. Put that list up where it will serve as a visual reminder, so you remember what steps you need to take to make this week matter.

Never Miss a Monday

When you’re writing your MIT list, be sure to include your specific fitness goals for the week. Think about it, taking care of yourself is a great way to start the week off on a positive note. Furthermore, you’ll have already accomplished a part of your goal on the first day of the week. What better way is there to build motivation than starting your week on such a positive note?

If you think remaining consistent on Monday will be a struggle, consider scheduling a session or class for that day. The monetary and written commitment will encourage you to show up and be accountable. Gloveworx has multiple sessions available on Mondays. Why not schedule one right now?

‘Mon’ is French for ‘Mine’, so Monday is Mine for the Taking!

It’s time to #takebackMonday. By emphasizing a day or time that marks a new beginning people are psychologically driven to become more motivated in the pursuit of their goals. Days like New Year’s Day, the change of seasons, the beginning of a new month, or yes, a Monday are temporal landmarks. This perceived change in time leaves people with a feeling of leaving their past self behind and initiating hope for their future selves. When it comes to Monday, that means you have at least fifty chances to start over. Make Monday yours.

To take back Monday you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Take a moment to think about your definition of success. What will it take for you to get there? Use this information and begin setting goals that will lead you down the path to the destination you desire. Use Monday as your landmark for tracking your progress.

Monday Belongs to the Go-Getters

It’s time to lead the pack, set yourself apart from the rest, and Become Unstoppable. Be a go-getter, and leave behind the jokes, memes and negative epithets about Monday. Taking advantage of a day that so many squander gives you a whole extra day to take steps toward your goals. According to Business Insider, successful people start their Mondays strong with a good night’s rest, and early morning, healthy nourishment, and a positive attitude. This is what sets transformational leaders apart from their peers and allows them to make progress as the week goes on.

Start by choosing one thing to work on. Set a reminder in your phone for Sunday night so that your task is fresh in your mind on Monday morning. Taking small steps toward building healthy habits is the key to success. Choosing one item to work on in the beginning will allow you to alter and sustain your new routine.

The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes

You may have heard that you should visualize yourself succeeding before taking on an important task. Did you know that there’s science to back it up? Participants in an social experiment were required to visualize their success over the course of a few weeks. They were instructed to imagine their ideal self, and think about accomplishing their goals. At the end of the study participants were more positive and motivated than before. Many of these individuals continued the daily practice after the study concluded.

Take five minutes on Monday morning to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and envision your week in a positive light. Think about what you want to accomplish. Allow yourself to affirm that you will accomplish these goals. Then go out and make your vision a reality!

The Toughest Contender You’ll Face is Yourself

People tend to be their own worst critics. We get so caught up in what others are doing that we lose sight of what matters. In this case, that’s yourself. There will always be someone bigger than you, stronger than you, faster than you, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you show up and give it your all.

Stop benchmarking your progress against someone else’s. They are different than you. They have a different background, goal, and story than yours. Take a moment after each session to think about how far you have come. Think about how you have improved. If you’re still a beginner, think about the tenacity it took to get started and be proud.

Vincit Qui Se Vincit

It’s time to set aside your disdain and change your attitude toward Monday. Monday is just another day, but it’s a day you can take ownership of. Be a go-getter, take advantage of the fresh start, and visualize your best self. Get outside your comfort zone, dig deep and feel the burn. When all else fails, remember the Latin phrase “Vincit qui se vincit.”

He Conquers Who Conquers Himself.

To take back Monday and schedule your next Gloveworx session, click here.