What’s Your Motivation for Boxing?

Whether it’s your favorite playlist or letting the stress of the day out on the heavy bag, motivation is key to getting through your workout and going the extra mile to get your body where you want it to be. While motivation is essential for everyone, what actually motivates each person is completely different. Read on to learn more about how to find your motivation for boxing.

Everyone is Different

What may motivate someone else might make you want to go crazy. Some people find motivation for boxing by plastering their walls with posters of their idols, while others need the perfect warm up to get themselves going. Spend some time exploring what pumps you up and use it as much as possible. This process can take time, as it is an art to find what works just right.

Don’t be afraid to try different forms of inspiration, like music, motivational boxing quotes, or meditation. Don’t be shy if your methods to motivate yourself are a little unorthodox. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others around you, do what you have to do to get where you need to be mentally. The right state of mind is key to a great workout.

Nothing Happens Overnight

Let’s be honest with ourselves, getting in shape and improving your boxing skills is going to test your patience and frustrate you at times. These personal tests will help you lengthen your patience and teach you about yourself mentally and physically.

Self-awareness is very important to your growth as a person, and it is part of the psychology of boxing. It is common to feel alone when things aren’t going as well. Everyone has been at a point where they don’t feel strong enough, fast enough, and coordinated enough. To ensure you can keep going through these tougher moments, find boxing motivation for the long term—something that will keep you going for months or years.

You will grow, you will get stronger, you will get faster! Just don’t give up!

No One is Alone

When you work with Gloveworx, you don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to help you build a positive support system with people that are aligned with what you are trying to achieve. Good coaches, friends, and mentors are interested in your growth—sharing in your joys and successes as you learn how to become good boxer.

Share your boxing motivation with them and let your support system push you to work harder and stronger every day. Lift yourself up—you got this!