A Reason to Fight: Finding Your Fight Mentality

Does a gladiator entering the Colosseum feel the same way as a Buddhist monk on their way to Nirvana? In this sense, does the verb fight mean the same thing as act? Both the monk and the gladiator are moving into something bigger than themselves—they’re motivated by something beyond themselves. In this sense, the act of fighting for anything implies that you’re motivated by something.

Motivation can perhaps be a matter of why we choose to act. It can linked to whom we choose to act for. Regardless of what or whom, it is often a matter of why we choose to fight. Inevitably, we desire for something that we don’t already have.

What Are You Fighting For?

Ask yourself these questions as you look in the mirror:

  • Are you really going to fight for something today?
  • Can you get in your fight mentality and keep yourself going?
  • What is it that you desire?
  • What do you believe is worth fighting for today, tomorrow, and so on?

Isn’t it so much easier to lie to yourself in that mirror? It is so much easier to not chase your dreams and desires—so why should you make the effort to take action and make a change? Sometimes, when things get difficult, you may need the extra inspiration to push yourself harder and fight for something beyond your own thoughts, emotions, and ideas.  

Learn to Grow

In these times, the easiest examples of finding your fight mentality can be seen in getting through each day amidst the attempt to change and grow. The simple fact of living to fight another day among the chaos of change is a victory you can (and should) celebrate frequently. Your acceptance of discomfort and learning to thrive—and not just survive—deserves celebration.  

What is Your Why?

Find your why. Find your fight mentality each and every day. Fight for a healthier life so you can be the best. Pursue the dream that brings your why to life. This is the foundation to longevity. If you can fight for a healthier life, you give yourself more of an opportunity to fight for your dreams and aspirations.