The Warmup: Why it is Necessary

Getting your body ready to train is crucial for preventing injury and performing at your peak. Your arm can’t punch hard and your mind can’t focus if your body isn’t ready to move. A dynamic warm up before boxing is a sure way to wake up your body and get your workout started right. If you want to learn more about the benefits of warming up, read on for tips from your Gloveworx coaches.

The Benefits of Warming Up

A good warm up before you start boxing gets your body physically ready to exercise, including:

  • Increasing blood flow to working muscles.
  • Raising core body temperature.
  • Enhancing joint mobility.

Increased Blood Flow

Increasing your blood flow is the main reason you want to warm up before boxing. More blood flow brings oxygenated blood to areas of your body that don’t usually receive as much of it on a regular basis.

Often, your extremities, like your hands and feet, don’t get as much blood flow as the rest of your body, making them colder, stiffer, and less agile. Getting blood throughout your entire body helps get oxygen to all of your muscles, ensuring a better cardiovascular output and aerobic energy production.

Raised Core Temperature

As you move to increase circulation throughout your body, you raise your core temperature and start to sweat. However, sweat isn’t the only indication of warming up—there are effects internally as well. Raising your core temperature helps ensure that your muscles and connective tissue are oxygenated enough to perform demanding movements.

Enhanced Joint Mobility

While blood flow and core temperature affect your muscles and connective tissues, they also affect the mobility of your joints. As every part of your body heats up, the increased temperature and blood around the body lubricate your joints and make you more flexible, faster, and stronger.

Warming Up vs Stretching

While warming up is different for everyone, generally you want to complete active, aerobic exercises that force you to move. Many people assume that stretching is a type of warm up, but it is in fact, a static activity that could cause injury if performed when your muscles are too stiff.

If you’re not sure how to warm up before boxing, consider speed walking or jogging, jumping rope, or using the stationary bike for several minutes. You can always ask a Gloveworx coach for a warm up tailored to your needs.

Time to Get Moving!

When you first start making a dynamic warm up part of your training, it may take a little more out of you than you initially expect. Over time, your body will adapt and you’ll start to perform better as your body warms up more efficiently. Soon, you’ll be moving better in the ring and out in the world as well. Add a warm up before boxing and experience the difference in your workout regimen.