What Mental Strength Means And How To Develop It: Part One

"Nothing in this world can help a person with the wrong mental attitude; nothing can stop a person with mental strength from achieving his goal" - Thomas Jefferson

Life, as they say, isn’t a bed of roses.

Most times you’re faced with challenges that threaten your success, especially when it’s big. In such scenarios, it’s natural for you to develop anxiety, fear or doubt. Thus, you’re forced to retreat into your shell or even give up.

But, let’s face it; it doesn’t have to be like that. There’s a guaranteed way to thrive through every challenge life throws at you and still achieve your big goals and dreams. How is this possible?

You need to understand the power of your mental strength and know what to do to develop it. Then, success becomes inevitable no matter the circumstances you face daily.

That’s what this post is all about. Hang in there; you’ll find out.

What Is Mental Strength?

According to Strycharczyk & Clough, mental strength is a trait that involves the merging of your emotions and logical thoughts. It enables you to make organized decisions and keep your focus when you face pressures and stress.

Sometimes in life, you make plans and expect specific outcomes, but it doesn’t go the way you desire. That shouldn’t give you reason to throw in the towel. Instead, you brace up with more tenacity, face the challenges, and dare to succeed. That’s what mental strength is all about.

Mental strength gives you the ability to learn from your errors without dwelling on them. Importantly, mental strength is that voice at the back of your head that tells you to keep moving even when the going gets tough.

Mental Strength: Why You Need It To Become Successful

1. Mental Strength Always Overcomes Self-Doubt

It makes no difference if your goal is to double your annual income or to shed off some weight, you’ll probably have self-doubt at some point. It’s a reasonable thing to question your aspirations and ability to achieve them.

The good news? You can restructure the negative self-talk in your head that tells you can’t achieve your goals if you have developed mental strength. As a result, you keep working towards your aspirations with increased confidence.

2. Your Motivation Level is Topnotch

Your motivation can be high or low depending on what challenge you’re facing. However, if you can stay highly motivated at all times, you’ll achieve your goals—no matter the barriers on your way.

Your motivation level is highly dependent on your mental strength. It enables you to focus on reaching your goals consistently even when you don’t feel like it through dedication. Mental strength helps you to find the inner strength required when you’re almost giving up or depressed.

3. Mental Strength Gives You the Courage to Learn from Your Mistakes

When you give excuses or try to cover your mistakes, there is a high possibility that you’ll repeat them. Alternatively, you own up to your errors and take responsibility for your actions, with the help of your mental strength.

With mental strength, you get closer to achieving your goals with every lesson you learn from your mistakes.

4. Mental Strength Provides the Courage to Face Your Fears

Sometimes, it’s hard to step outside your comfort zone. But, mental strength gives you the ability to face your fears squarely. Consequently, your confidence level increases and you can endure any anxiety—which helps you to keep moving.

5. Mental Strength Helps You Bounce Back from Failure

Failure is a powerful force that causes a lot of people to give up. However, that isn’t the case of people that have developed their mental strength. They bounce back quickly from any form of failure because of the self-worth—which comes from their mental strength. Such people see failure as only a stepping stone to their success.

Stay tuned for What Mental Strength Means And How To Develop It: Part Two as we dive into how mental and physical strength are related and how you can develop both to Become Unstoppable.