Cesar Rocha Portrait


Century City, Coach

My Why

"You have to work hard to earn the results you want."

My Beats

Born in Los Angeles, but growing up in Mexico, it was clear that Cesar had an inquiring mind. He loved to see how things were made, and would often watch his Grandma to see how she prepared dishes, and even got in trouble for taking apart toys to see how they worked.

If you thought that this would become the basis of his approach to coaching, you’d be absolutely right. Cesar has a knack for deconstructing you, discovering how you tick (or don’t tick), and it’s from this foundation that he can begin to build you from the inside out. He acknowledges, though, that “it takes patience, consistency and motivation, and you can’t expect these results right away.”

Cesar’s 13 years of boxing experience began in Mexico City. His uncle was a boxer and would encourage him to step into the ring. “What got me really awe-inspired was a big poster my uncle had of Julio César Chávez Sr.” With a record of 6 amateur fights, boxing had left its indelible mark on his life.

After helping the UCLA Boxing Squad train to compete, he found the passion and love for coaching. He enjoys passing down his boxing knowledge to anyone no matter their skill level, age or condition; whether someone is interested in boxing as a sport or just a work out, he spends the proper time to make sure everything is properly learned and pushes them with fun and challenging burning workouts.