Josh Popper Portrait


Virtual Training, Team Captain

My Why

“Every day find a way to make yourself 1% better. At the end of one year you will be 365% better".

Josh is from Atlantic City where he grew up playing sports his entire life. His background allowed him to pursue the NFL right out of college playing for both the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals. Focusing on football, it wasn’t until Josh was introduced to Gloveworx that he found his love for boxing.  His appreciation for the discipline required mirrored the discipline he appreciated in his football days and he welcomes the opportunity to challenge his clients and help them get to that next level.

While being a stickler for technique, Josh finds it important to keep it FUN, “ The best way to learn is when you’re having fun, so I make sure everyone does just the right amount of laughing and smiling in each session. I’m also a stickler for proper technique and form so when you come to me, be prepared to get coached up!”.