Josue Louis Portrait


Santa Monica, Coach

My Why

"What’s done tomorrow won’t make up for what wasn’t done today."

My Beats

Josue’s notable athletic career began not on the field but in the studio, where he danced for eight years as part of a performing arts company. Ballet, tap, modern, jazz, hip hop, and African dances were all part of his training, helping Josue develop the agility and strength that would transform him one day into an Olympic athlete. Along with dancing, he took up track & field and football becoming a Temple University Letterman in both sports. After college, he turned pro in track & field, competing for his parent’s native country of Haiti. 

Now Haiti’s Decathalon National Record Holder and a member of the 2016 Olympic team, we are lucky that Josue chooses to spend his non-training time as one of our Gloveworx coaches. His background in dance, track, and football has helped him develop a vast knowledge in functional movement and strength and conditioning, making him a trusted and valuable member of our family. If you’re in a session with Josue he’ll tell you that, “Training is 80% mental and 20% physical,” which is why he’ll get you focused on the outcome instead of the process. After seven years as a trainer and a lifetime as an athlete, working with Josue will get you results. “I won’t let you quit on me because I would never quit on you.”