Karl Buchanan Portrait


Century City, Coach

My Why

"If it ain’t hurtin’, it ain’t workin’."

My Beats

A former defensive tackle, Karl learned to box at the same studio he’s now coaching in. After perfecting his own boxing skills in the ring with our veteran coaches Leyon and Dustin, he wanted to get on the other side of the mitts, so he could pass his prowess on to others. Once a Gloveworx newcomer himself, he now tells his first time clients, “Don’t think you’re going to jump in the ring and fight someone. It’s not a fighting gym. We’re not here to intimidate. We’re here to push people, motivate them, and get them in the best shape of their lives.” Karl does just that. As a coach, he will push you. He won’t let you stop because he wants to see people bring out the best in themselves. When you’re in a session with Karl, his focus will be on you, motivating you with positive reinforcement, making sure you get through even the toughest session. He’ll show you that your time at Gloveworx can provide you with a way to push yourself because you can learn more every time you come back and you can gain different skill sets from every coach you work with. Developing the skills to be a boxer takes time, but with Karl right there with you, you’ll feel more like a pro with every punch, jab, and hook you throw.