Leyon Azubuike Portrait


Santa Monica, Founder

My Why

"You must become comfortable with being uncomfortable, that is when you become unstoppable."

My Beats

Before opening Gloveworx, Leyon was the chief sparring partner of Bermane Stiverne, the former WBC Heavyweight Champion. Inspired by his time as a US Nationals heavyweight competitor and two year captain of the Temple University football team, Leyon developed the Gloveworx program as a way to teach boxing and athletic performance skills, get a great workout, and relieve your stress. “Everybody deserves a way out of whatever they feel is stressful in their day. And I feel that training- what it does to the body mentally and physically, it’s a very healthy release. I just want to be the facilitator to bring that to the people,” he says. To Leyon, boxing is about finding the very best version of yourself. “That’s why as a coach I take tremendous pride in helping people clear their personal battles, their personal obstacles, and walls that they might not be able to burst through on their own.” After proving his talent not just as a boxer but as a Gloveworx coach, Leyon brought his elite skills and encouraging personality to his role as a trainer on NBC’s Strong. No matter who he’s coaching, whether it’s a professional athlete or a Gloveworx first-timer, Leyon just wants his students to come in and give it their all. He’ll tell you to, “Give the best version of yourself each and every time, and that’s a win.”