Robbie Herrera Portrait


Santa Monica, Coach

My Why

“It’s not WEAK to struggle, it’s WEAK to quit!”

Robbie was a multi-sport athlete growing up playing football, basketball, baseball, soccer and eventually taking on Muay Thai kickboxing in 2005. While working a successful career in sales, Robbie was introduced to Gloveworx. He quickly fell in love with the art of boxing and joined the Gloveworx family shortly after knowing that he would have the ability to help his clients grow. He’s cultivated an adaptable style, structuring each session to the individual. “I want to meet you wherever you are and help you get to YOUR next level!” He works with beginners and experienced boxers alike but likes to keep it balanced. His sessions are tough but “if you’re so sore you can’t work out tomorrow, it’s not a success.” His time at Gloveworx has taught him that if you stay the course and trust the process, you’ll get there and Gloveworx is the perfect place to do it.