Rumesh Balendran Portrait


Santa Monica, Coach

My Why

“Work hard today and do the best you can, so you won’t regret it tomorrow.”

My Beats

For most, fundamental shifts in perspective occur during adulthood, but for Rumesh, his transformation happened when he was just 14 years old. “I was a fairly active kid, but I had poor eating habits. Most of my days were spent playing video games and eating.” Despite practicing a lot of tennis at the behest of his parents, by the age of 12, he weighed 220 lbs, with a body fat percentage of 45%, “without the support of my family, I’m not sure how I got through it.”


At 14, his father hired a strength coach, and thus began his metamorphosis. “My coach not only improved my fitness, but also my well-being. I started to like myself more.” This was the first step in his path towards a career in fitness. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at CSULB, he heard about the strength and conditioning program at Gloveworx, and was drawn to it immediately. It became a calling he couldn’t ignore.


Today, you’ll find Rumesh in his element, inspiring clients the same way he was at 14. “My style incorporates high-intensity training, but also moderate and low-intensity. This approach helps clients to see improvements in endurance, strength, speed and power, without being set back by an injury.”


For Rumesh, a successfully coached client goes well beyond weight loss or a change in physique. “I want my clients to achieve the same kind of success my strength coach helped me achieve – a better outlook on life.”