The greatest journeys begin with a single step. Learning what it takes to get in the ring with the seasoned contenders at Gloveworx is no different! Our GWX 101 session is a slower-paced session delivered in a small group of 2-5 people who are learning the ropes, just like you, with a coach who is highly focused on getting your technique just right.

GWX 101 sessions will hone the basics of throwing punches and boxing footwork to prepare you to Boom with the best. We encourage new contenders to start with our 101 session, as well as seasoned GWX contenders who want to fine-tune their technique to keep getting better. For those that need to brush up on technique, GWX Boom/Blitz members can incorporate GWX 101 sessions into their monthly memberships.

First timers can experience the GWX 101 session at a $20 intro rate, book here.

Nonmembers are welcome to drop-in at $40/session, book here.

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