Finding Your Sense of Belonging in Training

Everyone wants to feel like they’re a part of something. It’s natural. The great thing about fitness is that it’s not an exclusive members’ club. Whatever your fitness level, and however you plan on training, there’s somewhere you belong.

The problem is that we often know that we want to get a membership or check out a new class, but we just can’t seem to take that final step towards reaching our goal. Whether you call it “gym intimidation” or “imposter syndrome,” it holds us back from becoming unstoppable.

Let’s make it clear right now, contenders. You deserve to reach your goals. With the right attitude, you’ll crush your fears and achieve what you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

Here’s how to find that sense of belonging in training, and some advice on smashing through the gym intimidation that’s holding you back.

Why Gym Intimidation or Impostor Syndrome is a Thing

You probably know the feeling. You walk into the boxing studio for the first time, or you show up for a group training session, and you’re hit by this sudden feeling of dread. You feel like everyone’s watching you and thinking you’re in the wrong place.

That’s what intimidation does. It makes you feel like an imposter. Trust us, though. It’s only a feeling. Everyone experiences it before they up their game and Become Unstoppable. The nerves are typically caused by:

  • A fear of looking “stupid” in front of people who all look like they know what they’re doing.
  • Knowing you’re just starting out, and everyone else seems fit and athletic.
  • Feeling like everyone’s judging your workout.

The issue with imposter syndrome is that it stops you from finding that inherent sense of belonging. It makes you feel like you’ll never belong in this new, intimidating environment.

But guess what? You already belong to something bigger. Why? Because you plan on improving yourself. You’re ambitious, motivated, and inspirational.

You’re already on the same page as winners and contenders like you. Isn’t that a great feeling?

What You’re Missing through Gym Intimidation

Remember, contenders. Nothing worth doing is easy, and chances are, every other person in that studio or class felt the same way at some point. Maybe they still do! What’s the difference? They don’t let their fears hold them back. They know they belong somewhere in fitness, and they want to find their community.

Here’s what you’re missing out on if you don’t find your sense of belonging in training.

Reaching Your Goals

Women are twice as likely as men to quit before they reach their goals because they don’t feel in good enough shape to, for example, get a fitness membership or try out a new class. This is the wrong attitude for winners like you to have. You won’t reach your goals if you don’t even get started.

Finding Your Tribe

Your tribe, or the people who “get” you, can’t find you if you don’t put yourself out there. Every one of us brings something new, cool, and unique to the table, whether you believe this yet or not. Get out there and find the people who respect your vibe, your long-term and short-term fitness goals, and your training interests.

Developing New Skills

It’s time to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. We all start somewhere. You only grow and develop new skills, and set incredible personal records, once you put yourself out there and go after what you want.

Everyone who cares about improving themselves belongs somewhere like Gloveworx.

Tapping into Your True Potential

When you let fear or that sense of not fitting in hold you back, you miss out on discovering the best version of you. Contenders rise up to new challenges because they’re continually looking to expand their capabilities.

You miss out on so many opportunities for growth, and so many chances to expand your social circle when you don’t approach training with the right attitude.

Become Unstoppable

Here at Gloveworx, we’re all about working to Become Unstoppable. This is a goal that’s achievable for everyone who wants to work hard, smash their own boundaries, and meet like-minded people who push them to new limits.

If you’re reading this, you’re already a part of our community, and we know you’re going to fit in perfectly.

What Belonging to a Tribe Can do for You

Belonging to a tribe of contenders or training community has a whole host of specific benefits. Here are the main ways that you’ll improve and grow because you’ve found that sense of belongingness.


By going after your goals, you’re already inspiring less ambitious individuals. What’s so great about finding your sense of belongingness in training is that there’s always someone who inspires you, too. Just look around at your fellow contenders - every one of them is inspirational, and you’ll grow from this positive energy all around you.


We all have low days, but if you’re part of a tribe or regular contender at the studio, people notice when you’re not around. They care about your goals the same as you care about theirs. Once you belong to a community, you’re just as important as every other member. It’s a family, after all.


Don’t you want to meet people who share your goals and enjoy talking about all things fitness? If you don’t already have friends who care about sport or training, you need this support network. You’ll be introduced to new people, and it’s easy to find things to talk about because you all at least have fitness in common.


It’s natural to feel more confident and assured when you feel part of a team. That’s what you get from training such as small group sessions. Everyone’s there to support each other, and there’s no such thing as rejection. We’re all part of the same side, and the community is open to everyone.

Getting Started

So, you’re ready to find that sense of belongingness you’ve been waiting for. Where do you start? Here are some ideas to help motivate you.

Make Yourself Accountable

Schedule your workout like you’d schedule anything else in your life. Take it seriously and don’t skip out on it. Remember, your goals matter, and there’s a tribe out there for you. It’s on you, though, to go and find it.

Know What to Expect

It’s a good idea to check the studio out before you use it for the first time. Arrange for an introduction or check out the layout and the peak hours in advance. An induction, or trial run, lets you meet some of the people you’ll be working out alongside, and it makes the whole environment far less intimidating.

Start a New Session

Take a look at the sessions on offer near you, and pick something that resonates with you. You’ll instantly feel a sense of belongingness when you’re somewhere that matches with your vibe. Get excited about your session, and bring that positivity to your first meeting.

Choose Small, Friendly Studios

It’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed in huge commercial studios where no one gets to know one another. The benefit of smaller, niche studios is that they attract people who:

  • Want to meet new people; and
  • Who share your interests and passion for a sport, such as at Gloveworx

You’ll also benefit from dedicated coaching and a personalized approach to your workouts.

Positive Self-Talk

Fear is natural. Rejection is painful. You can’t let these feelings sideline you from smashing your goals. To be unstoppable, you must smash through negative self-talk and awkwardness and put yourself out there. Once you take that leap, and once you walk through those doors for the first time, you already belong to a community of winners.

Your Tribe is Waiting for You

Training is for everyone who cares about becoming the best versions of themselves. It doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey, whether you’re taking your first steps inside the studio or you’ve been training for years.

To find your sense of belongingness in training, all that matters is that you’re striving to smash through your barriers and that you’re planning on reaching your fullest potential.

Our contenders and coaches can’t wait to meet you and motivate you along the way. Book a private or group session today and come join the Gloveworx family.