How the 7 Hermetic Principles Affect Boxing

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause;
Everything happens according to Law;
Chance is but a name for Law not recognized;
There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law”
— 6th Hermetic Principle, The Kybalion


The principle of cause and effect is the one that rules our world. While many do not
notice it, it’s a constant reminder of the choices you take and the moves you make. As
one of the 7 Hermetic principles , the principle of cause and effect makes an argument
that nothing happens merely by chance.

What Are the 7 Hermetic Principles ?

Thousands of years ago, philosophers sought to understand the universe and the world
around them. In pursuit of a comprehensive guide to the laws of the world, they wrote a
number of books, collectively known as hermetic texts, outlining the rules of the universe
as they understood them, including:

● The Principle of Mentalism
● The Principle of Correspondence
● The Principle of Vibration
● The Principle of Polarity
● The Principle of Rhythm
● The Principle of Cause and Effect
● The Principle of Gender

While each of the 7 Hermetic principles can affect your boxing training, the idea of cause
and effect is one of the most prevalent in any boxing studio.

Hermetists: Cause and Effect

The Hermetists believe that the general masses are usually carried along, being affected
by and becoming the product of the environment around them. They might settle for
what is more convenient, rather than taking action and making their own choices.

With their knowledge of the sixth principle, though, Hermetists chose to elevate their
state of consciousness to operate on a higher plane. Instead of just living with the effects
of the actions of others around them, they decided to take control of their world. These
people are able to dominate their mood, workplace, and their surrounding environment
as a whole, MAKING things happen instead of ALLOWING things to happen.

Boxing: Cause and Effect

Within the Gloveworx family, anybody who chooses to take charge of their lives and step
through the doors of our gym is already operating with CAUSE, not through EFFECT.
The people who come in regularly to workout at 6 A.M. before tackling work, or the ones
who come in after work, even after a long day at the office, are the ones who are movers
instead of observers. These people are playing the game instead of sitting on the

Consider your own routine. Is Cause or Effect in control?

Take back your life and get in the ring now!