Coaching vs. Training | Understanding the Difference

Coaching and training are words often used interchangeably. While they have definite similarities, there is a distinct difference between the two. For those of you who have experienced both, you probably felt the difference, even if you never needed to verbalize it. Here, we’ll do just that and describe the similarities and variations between being trained and being coached.

Both Teach but Only One Encourages You to Evolve

Training is an effective way to learn a skill or a set of skills. A good trainer is a teacher, and that certainly has its place. Coaching involves training but focuses more on overall development. An expert coach teaches form, drills and technique of course, but they do so while considering mindset, lifestyle, diet and so much more. A coach will help you evolve, not only as an athlete but also as a better version of yourself.

Like Attracts Like

A high-performance coach knows that like attracts like. They walk the walk in and out of the studio and always stand in front of you as their best self. They take their role seriously because they know that as your coach, they play a big role in inspiring you to give it your all-- and that’s what it’s going to take to be successful.

A lot of trainers look the part and demonstrate a positive attitude, but a coach is often receiving coaching of his own and draws from that experience to be a consistent example of what is possible in mind, body and life in general. Coaching means showing up with intent-- intent to encourage contenders to step it up, not only in the studio but at work and home too.

Training Affects Your Body; Coaching Affects Your Life

A positive outlook is a must, but a coach is also a realist. They know when it’s time to be stern and when it’s time to listen. Coaching requires a deep understanding of how every little thing affects our performance. True and lasting success requires a holistic approach and some heart-to-heart talks about lifestyle. A training program will set you up to reach specific physical goals. Coaching does this too, but it also positively affects every other area of your life and helps sustain those hard-earned results.

Coaching is Flexible

There is no one size fits all approach to boxing, and that’s why a coach will never suggest you embark on a standard fitness program. Besides, that’s how training of any kind can become monotonous. Instead, a coach’s plan for you is adaptable to meet you where you are while always achieving maximum results.

More importantly, coaches are skilled and flexible enough to change your program when needed or completely revamp it if necessary. Being coached gives you the assurance that you are getting what you need when you need it. Expect regular updates that fit current changes in your lifestyle, abilities, goals and preferences to ensure that your body never has time to become stagnate.

Coaching shines in group settings and individually, so there’s no need to get boxed into one or the other. Keep challenging you body in different ways and you’ll be less likely to plateau. Plus, when you work out with other motivated boxers, you’ll begin building your own tribe of supportive like-minded friends to encourage you along the way. One-on-one coaching is ideal for those looking for a personal approach, but there’s a place for group coaching in everyone’s fitness plan as well.

Teaching Methods

Training is valuable for a visual learner because the most obvious form of teaching is by demonstration. Coaching teaches in this way as well but has a greater range of teaching methods that allow for more tailored instruction.

One specific way coaching accomplishes this is by determining our learning preferences and then using this information to instruct in the best way for each unique individual. For example, an auditory learner will retain more from a verbal explanation than a physical one. Coaching works to use the right delivery for you, or the one that will have the most impact on you as an individual. This one tweak can have you reaching your next goal significantly faster than traditional training.


A coach or a trainer with integrity would never ask you to do something that they haven’t personally done a million times already. They’ve put in the hard work and then some, often years before we even thought about putting on the gloves. An experienced coach has tried every exercise, routine, combination and drill. They’ve hit every type of bag, tested each piece of equipment and know what it feels like to be in the ring - all for your benefit.

It’s not just their personal experience that’s drawn on; all that time in the studio allowed them to observe others, ask questions and gather information. They know what really works and especially what will work best for you. Since your win is their win, they consistently share their favorite tips and tricks to keep you in fighting shape.

Feedback and Support

Neither training or coaching would be successful without some much-needed feedback. Coaching keeps you up-to-date on how you are progressing or if you’re not. It points out your bad habits with precision and then follows up with solutions.

A coach knows exactly how they are going to get you to that next goal and won’t shy away from telling you why you aren’t there already. They’ll reiterate the same vital information in multiple ways to make sure you heard it, processed it and are doing something about it and they’ll support and encourage you every step of the way.

To Be Clear...

Obviously, we can’t speak for all trainers or coaches as we haven’t worked with every single one. We recognize that there are many trainers that possess strong coaching skills and even act as coaches yet call themselves trainers. These trainers add value, and we have no desire to diminish that.

Why Gloveworx Embraces Coaching

Coaching embodies everything about training and much, much more. It’s more of a whole picture approach while still being highly individualized. Gloveworx embraces the coaching method because we see results with it every day. And not just in the ring, either. What coaching teaches has profound effects that make a contender better at life in general, and it shows in every aspect.

How Gloveworx Coaching Works

At Gloveworx, no one cares where you are starting – it only matters where you want to go. We create great boxers out of more than just muscle. Our coaches meet you where you are and stand by your side as your coach and your mentor every step of the way. Consistently planning and revising that holistic, individual plan to success.

It takes two for this partnership to work though, and that’s why Gloveworx coaching begins by encouraging you to be coachable. Coachability allows a contender to hear and implement information. Without that skill, your time in the studio could be mostly wasted, and that doesn’t happen on our watch.

The next step is helping you become comfortable with being uncomfortable because no one ever became a champion hiding out in their comfort zone. Gloveworx coaches really shine here because they know that that’s what makes a contender become unstoppable. All it takes is a Gloveworx coach, some coachability and serious commitment – what are you waiting for? Step into the ring and get your personal, crystal clear roadmap to your dreams.