How Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

If you’re reading this blog, we already know you’re a winner.

You’re the type of person who sets goals and works towards them. You crave success and self-improvement. There’s just one problem: something is holding you back from crushing your goals. You want to exceed your own limits, but you just can’t cross that final hurdle.

That’s okay. We know what you need.

You need like-minded people to help you over that line.

You need to find your tribe. Why? Because the people around us should support us, motivate us, and, most importantly, inspire us to improve ourselves.

The trouble is, we can only find these people if we give off the right vibes. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, contenders; it’s simple. With just a few attitude changes, you can find your people sooner rather than later. First, here’s why finding those like-minded people matters so much.

Why Your Tribe Matters

There’s evidence to show that the people around us influence how we perform and behave. For example, studies suggest that we’re more likely to achieve our fitness goals if we surround ourselves with people who’ve already crushed those goals. What does this mean? Basically, it’s telling us that finding the right tribe sets us up for success. Here’s why.


We all know how hard it can be to stick to a plan, whether it’s a nutrition guide or a workout program. What we need are people around us to hold us accountable and remind us that we’re responsible for reaching our goals.

Remember, contenders don’t slack off when the going gets tough. Why? Because they have a powerful tribe motivating and pushing them toward their performance goals.


Since the dawn of time, people have craved companionship. The sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. That’s where the tribe comes in.

When you’re part of a tribe, you feel loved, wanted, and nurtured, because someone always has your back. Finding your tribe makes you feel fulfilled like never before - this is the perfect mindset to help you exceed your limits and smash your goals.


When you find your tribe, it feels like anything is possible. Our allies push us in ways that others can’t because they genuinely care about our success. They want us to excel just as badly as we do.

Isn’t it great to know that your cheerleaders, your kindred spirits, are waiting to welcome you into their tribe? Here’s how you find those like-minded individuals.

It all comes down to your personal vibe.

Your Vibe

Successful people who conquer their goals and train to succeed give off a certain aura, don’t they? There’s just something so magnetic about people who give off good vibes. They attract other go-getters and ambitious individuals into their circle, which helps them achieve things they once only dreamed of.

You can do this, too. How? By aligning your vibe with the people you’re hoping to attract - fellow winners.


Inspire people to better themselves. Give people the confidence and nurturing that they need to succeed, and you’ll attract other inspirational individuals into your life.

Even just by setting goals and seeing them through, you’re already inspiring the people around you and raising your vibe.


Some days are harder than others. We know that. What separates contenders, and winners, from everyone else, is their determination to succeed no matter what.

Your tribe doesn’t just keep you accountable; they motivate you to push through when the going gets rough and you feel like giving up. Hard workers with positive, can-do mindsets attract people with the same ambitious vibes.

But what if you can’t find these people?

Why You Haven’t Found Your Tribe Yet

Believe us when we say that your tribe is out there. Here are some reasons why you’re holding yourself back from finding them.


“I can’t do this.”

“I’m not strong enough.”

“I don’t have the time.”

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, negative thoughts like these close us off to better things because we’re stuck in a rut.

Lacking Motivation

Your tribe wants you, but it’s on you to find them. If you don’t care about achieving your goals, then you won’t find the people who’ll help you smash them.

Unclear Goals

If you don’t know what you want, no one can work it out for you. Unclear goals and lukewarm ambition kill your chances of finding your tribe.


Contenders don’t say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” They look at their goal, and the steps they’re taking to reach that goal, and they walk the walk. Procrastination is the enemy of progress.

Toxic Relationships

If you’re surrounded by people who sabotage your goals, or who simply don’t understand you, then they don’t “get” your vibe. They’re holding you back from finding the right tribe.

Are you guilty of these less than optimal behaviors? Don’t worry - it happens to us all. Here’s what you can do about it.

Finding Your People

You don’t need a magic formula to find your tribe. It’s easier than it seems.

Group Training and Coaching

What better way to meet like-minded contenders than through group coaching or training? That’s why Gloveworx offers large and small-group sessions that cater to every ability and fitness goal.

Your coach will encourage you to share your skills and learn from your fellow contenders. Most importantly, you’ll be working with people who understand what you’re hoping to achieve - what better way to meet your tribe?

Trying New Things

Don’t miss out on opportunities when they come along. Contenders are fearless and inspiring, after all. Try everything that interests you, because you just never know who you might meet.

Setting Clear Goals

You won’t find who you’re looking for unless you know who you’re hoping to meet. Decide what’s important to you, and go after people who either understand or share these goals.

No More Excuses

Stop making excuses. There’s no such thing as too busy, too old, etc. when it comes to meeting our kindred spirits. Remember, contenders prioritize self-improvement because that’s what it takes to succeed - take up something new today and see who you welcome into your life.

Lose Negative Influences

Got a friend who thinks it’s crazy that you train every day? Or someone who encourages you to skip the gym and laze around instead? Cut these influences loose, at least until you’ve reached your goals and found your tribe because once you find these people, you will Become Unstoppable.

Share Your Vibe

The reality is that there’s time for anything that’s important to us. If reaching your goal truly matters, you must surround yourself with people who share your passions and understand the endless ambition inside you.

There’s a tribe out there waiting for you to find them, contenders.

Don’t delay.

Head over to a Gloveworx training session and take that first step to new levels of greatness. Our team can’t wait to help you along your way - why not book a group or private coaching session day and see why Gloveworx is the family for you?