What Does Self-Care Really Mean?

Self-care isn’t frivolous; it’s necessary.

There’s a difference between treating yourself and caring for yourself, although many of us confuse them for the same thing. While self-care can mean a well-deserved glass of wine or binge-watching our favorite Netflix show, there’s more to looking after ourselves than pamper sessions.

What does self-care mean, then?

Self-care means improving ourselves. It means becoming the hero of our own stories instead of letting other people define us.

The best part? Self-care is something we can all find time for right now. We simply must take charge of our time. If self-care is all about taking charge and striving for self-improvement, then where better to start than with training?

The Benefits of Exercise

We’ve all heard that exercise is good for us, but what does that mean?

From helping us live longer to sculpting a toned physique, the benefits of exercise are numerous. Most importantly, exercise is a key step toward looking after your health and well-being.

Stress Reduction

Since exercise improves the blood flow to the brain and encourages cell regeneration, it indirectly reduces stress and anxiety. What’s more, using deep, controlled breathing through exercise increases your stamina at the same time as lowering stress levels.

Exercise is a stress-relieving medicine we can all take.


Psychologists agree that exercise is a mood-booster. Even light exercise, like walking, releases chemicals, or endorphins, that make us feel good. Exercise also gives you something to focus on, and putting in a great workout makes us feel accomplished and ready to take on the day. So dig deep, put your gloves on, and get ready to work.


Exercise makes you feel better in so many ways, inside and out. While exercise can undoubtedly improve your physique, it also builds your self-confidence and drive. Setting exercise goals and crushing them makes you feel ready to take on whatever challenges life throws your way.

The more confident you feel, the greater the goals you can set for yourself. Soon you’ll be unstoppable.

Disease Resistance

There’s a compelling link between exercise and a reduced risk of serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and breathing problems.

One great way to boost your immune system is maintaining a healthy weight. Since exercise helps reduce obesity and weight gain, it indirectly helps your immune system. A healthy immune system means less pesky colds!

While working out isn’t glamorous, it’s a great way to take responsibility for your own wellbeing, which is exactly what self-care is all about.

Why Self-Care Is Important

When you’re stressed, burned out and burning the candle at both ends, you won’t perform at your best. Signs you need to look after yourself better include:

  • Letting people walk all over you
  • A short temper
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope
  • Withdrawing from friends and family

Neglecting your well-being affects the people around you, and it makes you feel powerless. When you feel powerless, you feel trapped. You’re stoppable. It’s on you to become unstoppable, and you can start right now by practising self-care.

Positive Self-Care Behavior

It’s not selfish to prioritize what you need. It’s not selfish to become the best version of yourself. Those people you see succeeding, what do they all have in common? They practice self-care, however busy they are.


How we present ourselves determines how we want others to see us. Give a great first impression and show people that you mean business.

Wherever you’re going, make the effort to get showered and dressed every day. You’ll instantly feel fresher, more productive, and in control of your day.


Practicing self-care means knowing what you’re worth. It means looking in the mirror and knowing you’re worth the effort.

Look yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself you can handle whatever the day throws at you.


Self-confident people are coachable. They’re open to new experiences, new skills, and criticism because they know they deserve to reach their full potential.

Visualize what you want. See, in your mind, what you hope to achieve. Then go after it, one step at a time!


When you respect yourself, you’re unstoppable. Why? Because you take responsibility. You get the work done. You achieve. Self-care isn’t always glamorous; sometimes, it’s about letting go of what doesn’t work for you.

Take care of that to-do list you’ve been neglecting. Stop calling that friend who never texts you back. And think about this. What’s something that helps us become more confident, disciplined, and successful?


Make Self-Care a Priority With Exercise

You might be wondering how you can possibly fit workouts into your busy routine. The good news is that it’s fairly simple to make exercise work for you.

Why should you bother making the effort? Because exercise teaches you discipline. It gives you routine. Most importantly, it’s you time. A slot of time in your schedule that no one can take away from you.

Exercise is your chance to work on you, which is key to your well-being. How, then, do you find time to prioritize exercise? Here are some tips to get you started on your journey to becoming an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Scheduling exercise

Research proves that you only need 20 minutes of exercise a day to make a difference to your health and wellbeing. Think about it. 20 minutes. That’s all.

Whether it means getting up a little earlier, having the family join in, slotting a workout into your lunch break, or hitting the gym for an evening session, there’s little excuse for neglecting exercise!

Finding something you enjoy

Whether you’re throwing on the boxing gloves, lifting weights, or pounding on the treadmill, try out different things and find a routing you enjoy. It’s much easier to find the time to exercise if you enjoy what you’re doing!

Being accountable

We all have the same number of hours in a day. It’s up to you what you do with yours. Carving out a regular exercise routine makes you accountable. It makes you answerable to a coach or your friends when you don’t show up, and it makes you answerable to the most important person: yourself.

Unstoppable people don’t make excuses. Neither should you!

Tracking progress

Tracking your progress makes it easy to see how you’re improving week-on-week, whether you’re getting stronger, faster, or fitter. Seeing those improvements play out boosts your confidence and makes you feel like you can handle anything, which you can!


No more excuses, readers. It’s time to push yourselves.

Self-care means becoming the best possible version of you, and those changes start from the inside. Yes, a well-earned night in front of the TV is fun, but self-care isn’t always meant to be relaxing. It’s about taking responsibility for your own growth.

Want to get started on that self-care and growth right now? We highly advise you to come check out a Gloveworx training session. If you’re reading this, we know you’re already a force to be reckoned with. How about becoming a stronger, healthier, unstoppable version of you?

Come give us a try. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.