Women of a New Tribe | Supporting Your Fellow Female Contenders

Strong, powerful, ambitious women like you don’t need much help in achieving your goals. You know what it takes to succeed, and you push yourself harder than anyone you know. The problem is, contenders like you can often feel alone because not everyone understands your drive and determination.

Don’t worry. There’s no need to walk the path to personal fitness and success alone. Why? Because there are women out there with the same desire to better themselves. These like-minded women can help you achieve your ambitions and smash through your barriers.

Other female contenders aren’t your competition. Instead, think of them as best friends in the making. Think of them as your tribe.

You’re probably wondering where you can find these amazing women, and why it’s so important to find them at all. The good news is that it’s easier to find fellow female contenders than you think. First, let’s look at why supporting other women is crucial, and how you’ll benefit from helping other contenders along on their journey to success.

Why Women Should Support Each Other

You might be wondering if it’s really so critical for women to build each other up. The answer is yes, it is. Here’s why.


The truth is that we can all go further together. When women surround each other and combine their skills, talents, and strengths, they Become Unstoppable. How’s that for a reason to lift your fellow women?

Support, not Competition

Remember - your personal goals are not a competition. Another woman’s success doesn’t invalidate yours. There’s room at the table for everyone, and when women come together, they generate a supportive atmosphere like no other.

What’s more, women can defend other women against negative talk or “gym intimidation,” which is crucial when a woman is trying to overcome her limitations.


Encouragement is key. By reaching your own goals, you can show women how they can achieve theirs. Similarly, women can grab you and lift you up to their level when you need a little confidence boost.

Don’t be jealous of successful women like you. Encourage, nurture, and inspire. That’s what contenders do.

Compassion and Understanding

There are still many stereotypes out there around women and fitness. There’s always an assumption that women don’t push themselves as hard as men, and that more men participate in sport and fitness than women.

The only people who understand how frustrating these false assumptions are? Other women. By showing compassion and understanding to your fellow females, you’ll help each other smash those falsehoods, and together you’ll crush your goals.

The Benefits of Building a Fitness Tribe

There are many benefits of surrounding yourself with supportive people, but here are some of the top ones.

  • Accountability: There’s evidence to suggest that group training is better at keeping you accountable to your goals than training on your own.
  • Motivation: Watching fellow contenders work tirelessly towards their goals is seriously motivating.
  • Support: Just as other women can support you, you can support them when they need it. That’s what being part of a tribe is all about.
  • Clarity: Finding your tribe helps you work out what you want from fitness which, in turn, enables you to shape your goals.

How to Find Your Female Fitness Tribe

Strong, empowering women are all around you, but do you know how to invite these women into your life and become friends with them? It’s more straightforward than it might seem at first.

Be Clear on Your Goals

Once you know what your goal is, you can find women who’ll help you reach those goals. Even better, you’ll meet women who are already working at the level you aspire to achieve, and they can nurture you towards your own achievements.

Be clear on what, specifically, you hope to achieve — for example, developing your boxing technique or cross-training to run a 10k.

Decide What’s Important to You

If you’re serious about becoming unstoppable and improving yourself, you need to cut loose any negative influences in your life. If, for example, your friends think you’re silly for training so hard, then they’re not going to help you reach your goals.

Decide what matters to you and grab it with both hands. That’s what winners do.

Lose the Negativity

Let go of the negative self-talk and the “I can’t do this” attitude. Now isn’t the time for pessimism. Strong women with clear goals are attracted to like-minded people; surround yourself with people who inspire you to think positively.

There’s no place for negativity at Gloveworx - it’s all about progress and growth.

Work Hard

The truth is that you won’t achieve your goals unless you’re prepared to work for them. Take inspiration from the women you see working day in, day out at the studio and emulate their discipline. This is a sure-fire way to command their respect and, hopefully, their friendship.

Tips for Supporting Your Fellow Female Contenders

So, you’re ready to join a tribe, lift up your fellow women, and Become Unstoppable? Here are some tips for creating a welcoming fitness tribe of your own or supporting the contenders around you.

Be Inspiring

Be the reason that another woman decides to better herself. Show women how they can be anything they want to be, and the only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves. Show up for your training, work hard with your coach, and inspire the women around you to do the same.

We all have someone we look up to. Be that person to someone else and grow your tribe in the process.

Be Supportive

When you see another female contender striving to be her best, tell her how she inspires you. Tell her if she’s doing a good job, congratulate her if she hits a personal best with a barbell or masters that all-important boxing technique, and encourage her if she’s lost her motivation.

Contenders lift each other up because they want everyone to succeed. Be that cheerleader for a fellow contender, and they’ll always remember you for it.

Be Bold

The best way to find your tribe, and to invite the right women into your life, is to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You’ll find nothing but dedicated, inspiring contenders at Gloveworx, and by trying out one of our sessions, you’ll meet these winners for yourself.

Find Your Tribe, Not Your Competition

We really can’t stress this enough - other women aren’t your competition; you are. This is your fitness journey. No one else’s.

It doesn’t matter who is faster, stronger, or more athletic. All that matters is that you are testing the limits of what you once thought possible.

So long as you’re pushing yourself and working on becoming the best possible version of you, you’re doing everything right. Also, with like-minded contenders at your side, you’ll Become Unstoppable.

Ready to find the women of a new tribe and smash your goals together? Come to Gloveworx and meet contenders who will inspire you, challenge you, and help you along the road to personal fulfillment. Try out our 1-to-1 coaching sessions or group training today.